Block those clients.


Block unauthorized clients with ease!

MerakiBlocki allows you to use Google Sheets to find unauthorized clients on your Meraki network. Give it a list of authorized MAC addresses, and MerakiBlocki will show you data about each client with a MAC that's not on your approved list. You can even block, allow or unblock the unknown clients. MerakiBlocki even includes functions allowing you to make custom Meraki API calls.

While MerakiBlocki runs inside of Google Sheets right now, that's not the future of MerakiBlocki. We're building a cloud-based dashboard that will be even better. That new cloud-based version will be available for sale. A few months after MerakiBlocki Cloud has the same features (or more) as MerakiBlocki Sheets, we'll begin the deprecation process of MerakiBlocki Sheets. A name change is in the future too.


Installing MerakiBlocki is simple: add it as an add-on in Google Sheets!

The add-on is not available to the public yet. Shoot us an email at the bottom of the page if you'd like to give our product a shot. If you're a beta tester already, the instructions follow:

  1. Install the add-on to google sheets and initialize the sheet.
  2. Input your license key and email onto the User data sheet.
  3. Go through the Get started menu, and run 'Print organizations' and 'Print networks'. Find and put in the User data sheet your Org ID and your Network ID.
  4. Run 'List devices', and follow the instructions provided. The, add row B to your approved clients sheet.
  5. Go ahead, initialise the spreadsheet and follow the instructions on the results sheet. Right now, I don't support multiple networks per spreadsheet, so if you need to scan more networks you might need more sheets. (to initialise more spreadsheets, Add-ons, MerakiBlocki, Get started, Initialise spreadsheet)
  6. Head on over to the results sheet, go to Add-ons, MerakiBlocki, Start
  7. Wait and watch the magic happen!
  8. All of the MAC addresses that aren't present on your approved clients sheets will be printed out before your eyes!
  9. If you want to take action on them, you can Block all remaining clients or Approve all remaining clients. There's even a function to set all of the policies to normal, but that's pretty rare use.
  10. If you want to approve/block only some clients to your approved sheet, just remove the mac addresses from the lines you don't want to approve/block.



MerakiBlocki makes it really to pick off unauthorized clients from your network.


MerakiBlocki is currently in a free beta.

Eventually, a license key will be required to use MerakiBlocki. We haven't decided whether MerakiBlocki will be charged based on usage or monthly, but a free trial will most likely be available. For more information, sign up for occasional emails here.

If you'd like to beta test MerakiBlocki, shoot us an email at the bottom of the page.


MerakiBlocki sends analytics and errors to, the developers.

MerakiBlocki sends the function ran to when a function is ran from the menu. It has no personal data at all. If you encounter an error, MerakiBlocki will send the error text, file name and line number in which the error occured. All analytics/error reporting is done over SSL/TLS and the information is only for my curiosity and bug fixing. It will never be sold or given to anyone.

In the future, MerakiBlocki will send more personalized analytics, including who ran which function at what time, whether you hit the license client limit (we will not send the number of clients on your network), and more info, which we will announce before we roll it out. The personalized analytics will be used to help us figure out which features you use, how often you use them and how we can make MerakiBlocki better. With this, we'll be able to provide you with emails helping you get the most out of MerakiBlocki.


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